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 The following menu is our "TAKEAWAY" menu price list. For restaurant menu prices please click on the PDF link above.

1IHot Lamb £3.95
Pieces of lamb marinated with garlic in a sweet and sour sauce with a touch of sweet chilli
2IChilli Fry £3.95
Pieces of chicken breast cooked in a mouth watering sauce of sweet chillies and ground mustard
3IPeshwari King Prawn £3.95
Jumbo King prawns marinated with fried gram fl our and spices, grilled in Tandoori with cashew nuts and almonds, fl avoured
4ISalmon Tikka £3.95
Pieces of salmon marinated in light spices and barbecued in the Tandoori
5IPonir Tikka £3.25
Pieces of ponir marinated in light spices and barbecued in the Tandoori
6IAloo Tikka £3.25
Pan fried patties of mashed potatoes with petit peas, served with yoghurt, tamarind and mint sauce 
7IDuck Tikka £3.95 
Tender pieces of duck marinated with Chef's special spices
8IMixed Starter £4.25 
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhaji 
9ISpicy Crab Cake £4.25 
White crab meat in ginger and coriander 
10IBhuna Tiger Prawns £4.25 
Garlic fl avoured King prawns with onions and tomatoes 
11ISquid ball £4.25 
Squid cooked with hot spices to tickle your taste buds 
Old favourites appetisers 
12IOnion Bhaji £2.50 
Sliced onions in a spicy batter, then deep fried 
13IChicken or Lamb Tikka £3.25 
Marinated in a special blend of mild spices and barbecued
14ISheek Kebab £3.25 
Minced lamb blended with spices and onions grilled in the Tandoori
15ITandoori Chicken £3.25 
Succulent pieces of chicken on the bone, marinated in special spices and roasted in the Tandoori
16IPrawn Puree £3.95 
Prawns cooked in a spicy sauce served on deep fried bread
17ISamosa £2.95 
Triangular pastry fi lled with a choice of minced lamb or vegetable 
18ITandoori King Prawn £4.95 
King prawns marinated in delicate spices and barbecued on skewers 
Tandoori dishes 
19ITandoori Chicken £7.25 
Succulent pieces of on the bone chicken 
20IChicken or Lamb Tikka £7.25
Tender pieces of diced chicken or lamb 
21ITandoori King Prawns £11.95 
King prawns marinated in delicate spices and barbecued on skewers
22ITandoori Mixed Grill £12.95 
A combination of Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and King prawn, served with nan bread
23ITandoori Salmon £10.95 
Pieces of salmon marinated in light spices and barbecued in Tandoori 
24IChicken or Lamb Shashlick £7.95 
Pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in light spices and barbecued in the clay oven
25ITandoori Lamb Chops £12.95
Succulent chops of young lamb chargrilled in an Indian style, marinated in fresh coriander, garlic and cardamom in a thick yoghurt 
26IWhole Sea Bass £13.95 
Whole sea bass marinated with ginger, garlic, pesto, mustard oil, cardamom seeds, chopped green chillies in a thick yoghurt 
chef's specials 
27ILamb Shank £15.95 
Shank of baby lamb marinated with extracts of ginger, garlic,cumin and fresh green chilli, medium spiced dish with a mouth watering gravy, the most popular dish in our Mint Restaurant 
28IMint Lamb(Medium)£10.95 
Rack of British lamb marinated in a Rajasthani style with fresh 
coriander and mint, then chargrilled and served with gravy of 
exotic Kashmiri mint flavour 
29IMethi Murgh(Medium)£7.25 
Chicken breast chargrilled then cooked with rich fenugreek and 
Indian herbs 
30IShahi Murgh(Mild)£7.25 
Chicken breast cooked in an onion and cashew nut gravy and 
topped with fruit and fresh cream 
31IMint Duck(Medium)£10.95 
Duck fi llet cooked withmedium spices. A moist and full flavoured dish 
32IChicken or Lamb Naga(Hot)£7.25 
Succulent pieces of chickenor lamb cooked in a traditional naga
paste with a very spicy sauce 
33IAchari Gosht(Medium)£7.25 
Lamb cubes cooked with pickling spices 
34IChicken Jal(Fairly Hot)£8.95
Tender pieces of chicken marinated with fresh ground spices and cooked with spring onions, capsicums and green chillies 
Chicken and King prawns well spiced with chunks of onion, 
tomatoes and fresh green chillies
36IMurg Mirch Masala(Medium)£7.25 
Tender pieces of chicken marinated with fresh green chillies, slices of capsicum, cooked in a rich spring onion sauce 
37IChicken or Lamb Badam Passanda £7.25 
Barbecued chicken or lamb pieces cooked with ground almonds,
fresh mango and served in a nice creamy sauce 
Chicken or lamb cooked with minced lamb, fresh green chillies in a yoghurt and coconut sauce 
39IButter Chicken £7.25 
Pieces of marinated chicken cooked in butter with mild spices,
creamy and rich, cooked with ground almond 
The dishes below are served with pilau rice
40IChicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Korai £8.95 
Made with capsicums, tomatoes and onion. Korai boasts a full 
flavoured medium taste, served with pilau rice 
41IChicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi £8.95 
Stir fried chicken or lamb, well spiced with fresh green chillies. 
A hot and tasty dish. Served with pilau rice 
42IGarlic Chilli Chicken £8.95 
Chicken, cooked in a garlic sauce and mixed with peppers and spring onions, then garnished with fresh coriander. Served with pilau rice 
43IChicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Massala £8.95 
Tender chicken in a delicately fl avoured creamy sauce with coconut. 
Seafood specials 
44IFillet of Sea Bass £9.95 
Lightly spiced Sea Bass delicately filleted and served on a bed of mixed vegetables 
45ISalmon Zalmuri £10.95 
Salmon cooked with curry leaf, dill and turmeric 
46IMalai King Prawn(Mild)£12.95 
King prawns cooked in a unique cashew and coconut 
East Indian style sauce
47INill Giree Fish £11.95 
Fillet of Tilapia fish cooked with fresh coriander, spinach, coconut milk and Indian herbs 
48IKing Prawn Balcho £12.95 
Tiger prawns cooked in a delicious hot, sweet and sour massala sauce, with fresh coriander. A classic Goan dish 
49IWhole Ginger Crab(Medium)£16.95 
A delicious flavoured mixture of fresh herbs and garlic cooked with medium spices. A flavour you will love

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old favourite dishes
Chicken £5.25 Lamb £5.25
Chicken Tikka £7.25
Lamb Tikka £7.25
Prawn £6.50 King Prawn £9.50
Vegetable £4.95 Duck £10.95
Fairly hot and sour
Very hot with potatoes 
Very mild with fresh cream and coconut
With coconut and lemon juice, a sweet, sour and hot dish 
With onion and tomatoes, a dry medium fl avour
Medium dry and spicy, with spinach
Prepared in the same way as a madras adding maximum quantity of onions, tomatoes and green peppers
Sweet and sour, hot 
58I Dupiaza 
Bangalore style curry with spicy fried onions in a delicious sauce 
59IRogan Josh 
Medium spicy with tomatoes based sauce
With lentils sweet, sour and hot 
balti dishes
61IChicken or Lamb Balti £8.25
62IChicken or Lamb Tikka Balti £8.95
63IPrawn Balti £8.95
64IKing Prawn Balti £10.95
65IVegetable Balti £7.95
66IExotic Balti £11.95
A combination of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and King prawn 
Biriani dishes 
67IChicken or Lamb £8.25 
68IChicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biriani £8.95 
69IPrawn Biriani £8.25
70IKing Prawn Biriani £11.95
71IVegetable Biriani £7.95
72IMint Special Biriani £12.95
Lamb tikka, chicken tikka, prawn and egg cooked in special spices 
side dishes 
73IMushroom Bhaji
Chopped mushroom inspices£3.25 
74ISag AlooSpinach and potatoes£3.25
75ISag BhajiSpinach with garlic and spices£3.25 
76IBhindi BhajiOkra cooked in spices£3.25
77IAloo GobiPotatoes and cauliflower£3.25
78IBaigon Bhaji £3.25
Crushed and roasted aubergines cooked in spices
79IBombay AlooPotatoes cooked in
80ITarka DallGarlic and lentils£3.25
81ISag PaneerSpinach and cheese£3.25
82IChana MassalaChickpeas cooked in
83IMuttar PaneerPeas and cheese£3.95
84IMint Special Vegetables £4.95
A selection of fresh vegetables cooked in a thick sauce
rice dishes
85IMint Special Rice £3.95
Steamed rice fried with prawns, chicken and egg 
86IBoiled Rice £2.10 
87IPilau Rice £2.25 
88IMushroom Rice £2.95 
89IKeema Rice £2.95 
90IEgg Rice £2.95 
91IVegetable Rice £2.95 
92ICoconut Rice £2.95 
93INanLeavened bread£2.10 
94IKeema NanFilled with spicy minced
95IPeshwari NanHerbs and coconut£2.50 
96ICheese Nan £2.50 
97IGarlic NanWith fresh garlic and
98IMassala KulchaLeavened bread fi lled
with vegetables
99IParathaRound shaped bread fried
in butter
100IStuffed ParathaFried whole wheat bread£2.95 
101ITandoori Roti £1.95 
102IChapatiUnleavened bread£1.50 
103ICucumber Raita £1.95 
105ISpicy Poppadom(each)£0.65 
106IChipsSouthern fries£1.30 
107IAssorted Pickles(each)£0.60 
Mintsauce, onion salad, mango chutney, lime pickle and mixed pickle 
108ICoke, Diet Coke and LemonadeCans£0.95 
109ICoke, Diet Coke and lemonadeBottle£2.95 
Kingfisher or Cobra Lager330ml
111IKingfisher or Cobra Lager660ml
112IWhite, Red or Rosé House WineBottle£11.95 
*We are a fully licensed restaurant and takeaway. Please ask to order other restaurant wines. Proof of ID will be required when purchasing any alcoholic drinks
set meals
Set meal for two £20.00 
StarterMeat SamosaIOnion Bhaji 
Main CourseChickenTikka MassalaILamb Bhuna 
Side DishBombayAlooIPilau RiceINan 
Vegetarian set meal for two £16.00
StarterTwoVegetable Samosa 
Main CourseVegetable KormaIVegetable Bhuna 
Side DishSag AlooIPilau RiceINan
Some dishes may contain nuts or dairy products, so please inform us of any allergies when placing your order. 
Please remember at Mint our Chef can 
prepare any dish not listed on the menu. 
We can also do outside catering for private parties and weddings etc. Please contact us for more details.
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